Sunday, January 29, 2012

my second best birthday present (or we could call it a tie)...

this year my birthday fell on a friday- which also happens to be the day that bebe's ballet class meets. beebs told me that when it's your special day you sometimes get to do things that are special.

 "want to come to ballet class with me? since it's your birthday?"

 "yeah. do ya'?"


 it was a warm and foggy day.

i didn't want to be a distraction, so at first i watched through the blinds off to the side:

 after about thirty seconds (and mommy chiding me) i said screw it (well, i thought it) and moved to the front door.


 oh, hi. you noticed me?
i pretty much beamed from ear to ear the entire time. i couldn't help it! if you've never been a parent you will never know the unabashed joy of seeing your kids grow before your eyes. amazing.

so great! it totally made my birthday! that strange guy with the camera lurking in the back really creeped me out though...

Monday, January 16, 2012