Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Beatrix Marie (May, appendix 3)

Bebe's oft-used nickname, aside from "Bebe," is probably "Lady," from way, way back when she was a baby and we called her Lady Face, because she had a little lady face. She still has a face, but it's a little bigger than it used to be. And she's warmed up considerably when it comes to having her picture taken...

Eloise! (May, appendix 2)

Here we have Eloise, angry at me, probably for not sharing my pizza? I actually think it was something else, but let's pretend it was that. We don't call her "Fatty-face Big-feelings" for nothing. In the second series she cheerfully agrees to help me test the double exposure setting on my new camera. Just kidding, she was neither cheerful, nor did she agree. Oh well. 

Annabel! (May, appendix 1)

One of the many nicknames we have for Annabel is "Anzo." Sometimes she's referred to as Hamzo, because it seems, much more than either of her sisters, she really loves the camera. She's kind of ridiculous. See for yourself-

Year in review- May!


The weather continued to warm, gymnastics classes rolled on, and I got a new camera that had me taking lots and lots of pics of the girls, and everything else! We had a visit to Bebe's school for an Open House, and generally spent a ton of time outside in the sun. It can feel like winter right up through April around here, so the month of May is a welcome sight.

I ended up with lots of series of pics of the girls, enough of them that along with this post I'm going to put up a sort of "showcase" post for each girl with two sessions each post, coming soon. And of course, stay tuned for June!