Sunday, July 27, 2008

weekend wrap-up

well, it was another full weekend! bebe is getting a little fussier later in the evening, but sleeping through most of the night. we get a pretty acceptable amount of sleep at night right now, so thanks for that, beebs. and speaking of beebs, you may have noticed we've been busily creating nicknames for our daughter. since we both realize our propensity towards abandoning original chosen names for more colorful nicknames(a la the cat, who hasn't been called 'caeser' since he was probably ten days old, and is instead referred to as 'chief weezy cheezle,' 'patches o'droolibran,' 'tiny,' 'mini,' 'minners,' 'bittles,' 'dibbles,' weezy,' 'the weeze,' 'the b,' and i assure you, the list goes on...) -where the hell was i? oh, so we're trying to remain conscious of the fact that her name is beatrix, that we really love that name, and that her name should remain intact. but that she may also be occasionally known as:

the beebs
bebe marie
bebe mareebee(courtesy of mems)
beebs mareebs
squeezy marie
one-eyed jack
the pink lady
the milk monkey
missus lady bubble bottom

and my personal favorite:

ladies and gentlemen, give it up for DJ Chubby Cheeseneck!

get those hands up! i want to see those hands in the air!

now it helps if you picture her wearing a pink or white fuzzy kangol:
and i've been looking, but they don't come small or cheap. we'll see...

so the weekend brought on more nicknames, some nap time with daddy:

some nap time with mommy:

and some hang-time:

the weekend also featured some feedings:

some post-feeding milk drunkenness:

followed by some victorian-era lower extremity exhibitionism.

The Nana

and on sunday, she got all dressed up to meet her uncle seth for the first time:

they make a pretty cute couple

colleen looks on as bebe
inspects her uncle's facial hair

which she promptly, and quite literally, thumbed her nose at.

things were going really well until all of a sudden, in the middle of a conversation, beatrix went for a nipple. right in the middle of a conversation! bad bebe!
seriously! where are your manners? uncle seth handled it like a champ- he quickly changed the subject from 'the politics of a potential draft reinstatement' to 'preparing a delicious no-bake cheesecake in 15 minutes or less!' and we all moved on.

it was a pretty full weekend for someone who isn't even two weeks old yet.

next week: what the job market looks like for three-week-olds...

Friday, July 25, 2008

bebe's busy, y'all

Time for this week's entry- it’s my goal to update the blog at least once a week, and twice a week would be ideal but perhaps over ambitious. If you know me, then maybe you’re thinking that even once a week is overly ambitious. We’ll see how it goes- at least lb is updating daily with a pic or two…

The beebs had a big second week of life here at home. She had her first bath, shed the last remaining remnant of her original ties to mother, tried on some new outfits, entertained visitors, and still managed to get in about 9 square meals a day and sleep all of the rest of the time.

all that remains of her physical maternal ties- welcome to the patriarchy, beatrix! mwahahahaha!

Her mems came to help out for this week and it was, in a word, great. Not only did we get to see mems every day, but she did a million loads of laundry, cooked us delicious dinners every night, and even held onto Beatrix once in a while. Oddly, while she didn’t balk for a second at assuming the domestic duties of our household, you should have seen the hemming and hawing we’d do to get her to hold her granddaughter for just a few minutes each day! You’d have thought the baby was made of fire or razorblades or poison gas or john denver or something.

mems had some pointers for beatrix when it came to making funny faces

Her mom, nana, also came to visit this week and we had four girly generations of the family all in one room. I assume they watched Oprah and traded beauty secrets, the kinds of things girls are known to do when they all get together. I can’t tell you for certain what went on because I’m the man and I was BRINGING HOME THE BACON at the time. But they sure talked my ear off about it when I got home!

bebe and her Great Nana

nana, with her years of baby wisdom, introduced us to what will henceforth be known as 'that position that nana showed us.' it consists of laying the beebs across ones knees on her tummy, and she LOVES it. thanks, Great Nana!

Teed visited on wednesday and brought along jerry and kirstin, our family unit from the other side of town. We had pizza and salad and breast milk for dinner, though bebe didn’t eat much salad or pizza, and none of the rest of us had any breast milk.

bebe and teed settle in for some afternoon sox action

tito's going to the bullpen. this can't end well...

beebs couldn't watch the end of the game. so young, so smart.

Auntie judy came for a visit and brought a cool new soft guy for bebe to gum to death.

giving auntie jude the one-eyed jack

Mems and mommy also introduced bebe to the mall, and thanks to mems’ unflagging efforts we now own enough clothing for this kid until she completes her second year of auto mechanic school(sorry all of you academic-types out there, but my little girl’s getting a PRACTICAL education. She can read all she wants in her spare time, but only after she’s rotated and balanced daddy’s tires, adjusted the idle, and flushed the radiator and changed the filters).

a new outfit, and some pics of beatrix in 'that position that nana showed us.'

she tried out sleeping in her crib a few times. she likes having the room to stretch out

another day, another outfit

seriously, with the amount of daily potential costume changes bebe is capable of, she could easily tour with madonna. not that i'm complaining- keep 'em coming people.

Beatrix tried out(and seemed to like) this stuffed animal torture device. It would seem that animals who have been ‘bad’ are chained to the rafters of this cage and dangled just out of reach of whatever hunger-crazed baby you place underneath. Scary, and also effective. Those stuffed animals are truly well-behaved now.

weekends are daddy time!

Family and friends have been so great, and we’re really thankful to everyone for all of the great stuff they’ve given us. Part of the reason we felt we could do this now was because we knew we would have help- financially, mentally, spiritually, and physically. And there’s nothing better than raising your child to understand that material possessions aren’t important, even as you’re buried up to your neck in the shit you own.

Monday, July 21, 2008

happy birthday!

beatrix is officially one week old :)

unfortunately, she's not getting any cuter. looks like we got a dud...

our first weekend at home

there was a heatwave, a crazy thunderstorm...

some naps with daddy

some naps with mommy

more naps...

oh, our first bath!

the beebs was surprisingly at ease. we bathed her in the kitchen sink and she just looked around and let us scrub her, rinse her, and wrap her up.

best of all, she started her smile reflex. mommy and daddy's heads exploded all weekend long. even though it's just a reflex, we couldn't believe she could get any prettier till this started.

she's still kinda' working on it...