Thursday, March 26, 2009

the belle of the ball...

last weekend bebe had a full dance card. on saturday mems and teed drove out just to spend the afternoon, and then on sunday we went to visit with grammie, grampa glen, and the aunties and uncles. i would have posted these sooner but we've all been sick, and earlier in the week i uploaded them all to the wrong blog by mistake. oops. anyway-

while she's not crawling yet, she still finds her way around. she pivots and scoots and climbs. most of the time she's a blur. she spent most of her time with mems and teed on the floor, showing them all her new tricks. i just got my camera back from being fixed and i was a little out of practice. most of the weekend i just didn't take any pictures. i kept thinking, 'so this is how everyone else does it. hmm....'

all ready to go to dinner. and not the least bit happy about it. trepidatious little thing, isn't she?
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she sat at the table in a high chair, just like a big kid. we hit up the early dinner, aka 'people with small children' time. bebe was one of many babies and kids out to dinner. unlike a lot of those other kids though, she was happy to sit chewing on some bread or making faces at the rest of us. she's such a great lady. she makes it pretty easy for us.

she didn't even mind the flash in her face that whole time! well, except for that one where she's obviously glaring at me with that "wtf?!?" look on her face. what a champ.

"no cell phones in line please." amen.

sunday, after her morning snooze, we drove up to see my family.

she has this move where she makes like this is really the time she's going to crawl- she gets up on her hands and one knee, and sort of pivots with her leg underneath her, and just when it looks like she's about to go forward, she slides back on to her bottom. she's got me a couple times with this fake-out. here she uses it on her uncle seth.

for whatever reason, uncle trev has always shied away from holding bebe. they've always been friends, it's no big deal. and we're not baby pushers. it's not like i want to just go out and hold babies. i mean, i want to hold my baby. i could give a crap about your baby, y'know? i'm not some any old baby holder. i think what i'm trying to say here is that i'm fine with you if you decline holding the baby equivalent of a supermodel. it's cool. your loss, but whatever. well on sunday, trev finally took the plunge and bathed himself in the greatness that is beatrix:

some introductory snuggles.

preparing for lift-off! ignition!


not quite sure what to make of this new experience. they both look cautiously optimistic.

alright, alright, i think we've got a smile, a smile and a half...


and playing! we've got playing! success!

after that, bebe thought she would wow the crowd with some pull-up action...

cue the "jaws" theme music...

she read the paper, a magazine, the new victoria's secret catalog (daddy helped turn the pages on that one), and stumbled up and down the length of the table like a two-foot-tall drunkard. perfect end to a great weekend.

sorry it took so long to get these up- and thanks to mems and teed for making that long drive just to visit for a few hours! we love you guys, see you soon...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bedtime reading

bebe loves her books, and one of her fave things to do right now is to pull them all out of her book shelf and flip through them, sometimes a few at once:

ocassionally she enlists lammy to read with her.

i asked her to show me her favorite part of her Red Sox book: the legends of the game. she's a big fan of pudge, just like her daddy.

and this is no accident. that's right, she's reading upside down! what a show-off!

if a book is out of reach, she often tries telepathy. i keep telling her that her head's too small for that. look at her try, anyway. she sure is persistent.

hey, bebe-

"whu- ? oh, hi daddy."

it's time to stop reading and get to bed.

"ha ha, good one!"

no, for real beatrix. let's put the books away and get ready for bed. do you want to brush your tooth?

"awww, daddy. i just want to read one more book! pleeeeaaassse? you wouldn't say no to a big smiley face would you?"

(be strong. you're the adult. you're the one in charge. and you're bigger than she is.)

"huh? c'mon... whadda' ya' say?"

bebe, the later this goes on, the worse it's going to get!

"perhaps you'd be more interested in letting me stay up"

"...if i hypnotized you!!!!!"

beatrix marie!

"kidding! kidding!"

"now, where was that last book..."

"let me see here..."

"not make way for ducklings, not the pokey little puppy..."

bebe, seriously.

"chill out, daddy. it's this one right here."

really. the complete works of william shakespeare? not to be, bebe. not to be.

"fine. i'll just put it away for another time."

"c'mon, lammy! let's get some shut-eye."

note: right before we got down on the floor to read, i was getting her into her pjs on the changing table. she had been laying there for a while and we had been playing- blowing raspberries and smooching and high-fiving, etc. anyway, as we started to wind down, under my breath and really just to myself i said "jeeze, lady, i sure love you a lot." she stopped playing with whatever she had in her hands, looked up at me, and whispered back "da da." holy crap.