Saturday, October 31, 2009

the thirteen days of halloween: day one!


i didn't intend to give beatrix back-to-back Mister Reusch presents. i had been trying to get this shirt on her for about four days, but it was just my luck that at right about that same time she entered her "nudist" phase of development. the kid just did not want to get dressed, and struggled to get her clothes off once she was. i kept trying to blind side her or pull a sneak attack, but each time i got the shirt over her head she screamed bloody murder.

finally, on halloween day (even though it should have been the day before), mommy got her into her cool new t-shirt. it was a skull with candy corn for teeth. daddy got one too.

oh my goodness, bebe! there's a skull on you!

"shut up. where."
look down, slowly.

it turns out she's okay with it. after patting her tummy a bunch of times, she insisted we sit on the couch with vampire candy corn, one of her favorite halloween presents.

first, it was a big hug from bebe.

then she insisted that daddy give him a big hug

...and a kiss.

then one more hug from bebe

and then she made him her hat.


Friday, October 30, 2009


hey-o, bit of a hectic week- crazy work, the start of the basketball season (celtics are 3-0 and kicking the living crap out of teams), and lots of running around has made it hard to get posts up, but have no fear, the final days of halloween will be up soon, along with some other posts that are long overdue.

also, if you've been following the photo blog then you know there were regular updates for about a month. i'm going to take a short break to get more material together, and hopefully by the start of the week the posting will continue there, as well as here. so sit tight and there will be more bebe-licious goodness on the way...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

the thirteen days of halloween: day two

on the second day of halloween, bebe got these two signed prints from spooky illustrator Mister Reusch. he's a friend of daddy's from high school. out of all of her halloween gifts, i felt like these would interest her the least and were almost entirely for my own benefit. leave it to my offspring to be contrary. she stops to look at them each time she goes past and thinks they're pretty sweet skull pictures. he has a blog you should check out if you're at all interested in the spookier side of things. and besides all the ghosts and ghouls, he also does dog illustrations, which i find just as terrifying. thanks for the great prints, mark!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the thirteen days of halloween: days four and three

in the midst of the thirteen days of halloween, basketball season started, and i kind of like basketball. a little. so for the first two games of the season, i went to auntie ashley's house to watch our team, the celtics, begin their eighteenth championship season. auspicious.

however, this kept me out of the house for the two nights that i otherwise would have given beebs her halloween presents. this meant having to double up a day of presents to stay on track, and so here are the fourth and third days of halloween:


"no, seriously. wtf."

"ahhhhhh! a spider!"

hey bebe? it's not a real spider.


it is kind of scary looking though.

and it comes with this cool cup!

okay, okay, i bought this one for me.

technically, i bought it all for me. this stuff is great.

nothing says halloween like a hairy spider in a skull-shaped cup!

while fun at first, bebe has essentially no interest in her halloween presents, which is what i mostly expected. and that's okay. we're starting a tradition this year and it's one of those things that i always said would be cool and that i wished someone would have done for me as a kid, and here i am, a dad, and i'm doing it (pats self on back). good enough. what do you think bebe?

"hey! is that a hairy spider in a skull-shaped cup? awesome!"

Monday, October 26, 2009

the thirteen days of halloween: day five

for the fifth day of halloween, it was time to carve our first chomp o'lantern! thanks to mommy for taking the pics!
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