Sunday, January 3, 2016

Year in review- June!

June had a lot going on for the girls- the weather was officially mild every day, and that led to a ton of outside time. We had Anzo digging in the garden, swingset and clubhouse action, and just a lot of frolicking in general. We're lucky to have such a big, cool, diverse yard with lots of plants and trees for playing in, spots to lie down and soak up the sun, and room to run and run.

Gymnastics classes continued, with a show-off day so we could see all the new things the big girls were learning to do with their strong bodies. Bebe finished up her year of First Grade with an art exhibit and concert downtown during a Third Thursday- a summer-long occurrence where the main street gets blocked off to traffic and all kinds of things happen from live bands to bouncy houses to, well, art exhibits and concerts!

The bigs had their ballet recital, on Father's Day, no less. Always a great way to celebrate, watching my ladies "dance" up on the big stage. And speaking of dance, somewhere in there Eloise took to hula dancing...

We had Auntie visits, warm sunny weather, and lots and lots of energy to enjoy it all!