Monday, October 31, 2011



before we went trick or treating, we had a costume warm-up:

 chicken as- a chicken! a little inside joke for us.

bebe was originally going to go as cookie monster, but changed her mind and decided on her back-up:

 a bee!

 oh, girls!

then, at the last minute, beebs decided to change back to being cookie monster. something about it being a furry costume, and there being snow on the ground and forty degrees outside may have had something to do with it.

 "oh my god can we frickin' go trick or treating now? please?"

 sorry. it takes time to chicken-up eloise.

 we were lucky to have mems come with us! poor teek was home, not feeling well. i bet some candy would cheer him up!


 look at all that GD snow. are you kidding?

 to infinity, and beyond!

 nice crescent moon hanging over our heads.

later, back home, we sorted the booty:

 because of allergies, there are somethings bebe can't have. for all of those, there's mems, teek, mommy, and daddy!

she did get a ton of lollipops though. that was awesome because lollipops are her favorite!

 she asked me to take a picture of her lollipop.

skinned cookie monster:

as the spirits awoke and prepared to roam the realm of the living once more, we said good night to another fantastic Halloween season, and ghostly guardians floated through the rooms, softly whispering booooooooooooooo...

Happy Halloween, Everyone!