Sunday, October 31, 2010

13 days of halloween, day 01: HALLOWEEN!

on the last day of halloween, it was... HALLOWEEN!!!

we had a busy day ahead of us, starting with the carving of our second jack o'lantern:

inspecting the victim:

do we have all of the proper and necessary instruments?


alright then. let's get to it!

this one has a lot more seeds!

let's clean off those guts and have a snack!

post snack, bebe played the tunnel game with the grim reaper:

it consisted of her standing with her legs apart, as a "tunnel," while we wound up the reaper to walk underneath her.

"why's he taking so long?"
um, maybe because he moves about an inch a minute?

in the end she got bored and tried sitting on him.

jack o'lantern numero two.

when beebs went down for her nap, i went out to do some yard work. it's been a while since i've had to be responsible for a yard, and i would never say this to my parents, but it actually feels good getting out there and raking, mowing, weeding, etc. there's a great sense of fulfillment in being able to instantly see the fruits of your labor.

once bebe was up, it was time to give her the last of her halloween presents:

eyeballs that bounce!!!


a glowing skull!

"alas poor Yorick, i knew him well..."

alright! it's time to go trick or treating! woo hoo!

uh, or not?


"let's. go. get. some. candy!"

we kept walking behind her, freaking out at how cute she looked, and then taking turns reminding each other that when she turned around she'd look even cuter! we kept saying things like 'don't forget, it's got her face in it!' it was heartbrakingly awesome. this was truly one of those moments as a parent where, if you step back, you can see the growth happening. she's such a shy kid, but after a few houses she was blossoming into a greedy little candy grubbing fiend! i was on the verge of tears the entire time.

her first piece of candy. skittles, of all things.

getting dark and cold.

candy refill.

"trick or treat! happy halloween! thank you!"
she was so awesome. you may not know this, but i love this kid. of all the kids i've ever known, she is far and away my favorite. seriously.

mommy wrote a nice little bit about her first trick-or-treating experience you can check out here.

after the candy grab, bebe and i camped out on our front porch to give some candy out to the other kids:

while mommy made dinner, daddy snacked from the candy stash and bebe re-fortified with a banana.

and some crackers.

she loved giving candy to the other kids. she didn't flinch for a second as the much older kids swarmed her for some candy in their scary outfits. she calmly dispensed one piece each into their bags.

de-elmoing and telling mommy all about our candy distribution operation.

and then:

on to the loot!

"wooo-wheee! that sugar rush is somethin'!"

"i'm not moving my arm. it's waving all on it's own! i can't even feel it!"

we came home to find all these eyeballs... watching us. creepy.

the last halloween present was a print from our friend mister reusch. last year bebe got mr and mrs. skull portraits, and this year she got a print of them celebrating all hallow's eve!

and now that it was nice and dark, we could play with the light up skull:


this final halloween post was brought to you by mozart's "requiem" and, of course, the movie Halloween. thanks for celebrating the thirteen days of halloween with us! posts will now return to their regularly haphazard and random infrequency! enjoy!