Sunday, November 30, 2008

the weekend. no, not this weekend. last weekend.

i had hoped to get this up sooner, but the week of thanksgiving was a little more hectic than i expected. anyway, these are from last weekend. uncle ben's parents, joe and alice, were visiting from the west coast and along with ben's brother eli (and aunt marge of course) made the trip out to pittsfield from NYC for a weekend we dubbed "meet the fockers." i'm not sure which set of parents were originally the fockers, but by the end of the weekend, we were all fockers of one kind or another. and as is her modus operandi, beatrix turned on the charm and wowed everyone with her best behavior. daddy forgot his camera (for probably the first time ever) so i used mommy's and mem's cameras. since i'm the only one that ever takes pictures anyway, this wasn't a problem.

joe took to bebe right away-

and vice versa.

joe, eli, and alice

we spent a lot of the weekend just hanging out and talking. there was some talk of activities, but in the end it was just good conversation. our family and 'talk.' imagine that.

i'll see you your two wilkins-malloys

and raise you three burbanks.

bebe was a good listener. she's always paying attention.

we spent most of the weekend either around the couch

or around the island in the kitchen. as far as kitchen islands go though, it's more like a continent. australia, i guess. who the hell is that handsome guy on the right? damn.

bebe and uncle ben tearing it up. those two always have a great time.

uncle ben, aunt marge, and mems listen in as teed winds up a story

watch out bebe. you've got two grandpas who love to tell stories!

alice gets a word in edgewise

these two were constantly at each other. i've never seen two people display an instant dislike and open contempt for one another. by the end of the weekend we were keeping them to separate rooms it got so bad...

same thing with these two.

and look at these two beautiful ladies!

beatrix marie and aunt marge share some naked bottom time. well, bebe's bottom was naked.

teed checks in to see what all of the commotion is about. nothing to see here, just a chubby naked bottom. move along, please.

east coast/west coast, boston/nyc- bebe and uncle ben break through some boundaries and spread the love.

and speaking of love, if love was a giant vat of mayonnaise, and snuggling was the world's biggest carton of hard boiled eggs... well, let's just say we'd have a lot of egg salad. represent.

the boys

the girls

alice finally gets some face time with face.

'of love and laundry.'

on sunday, daddy and bebe were up early for their weekly sunrise watch.

beebs was feeling a little lonely in her bouncy seat until...

what's that i see, far off in the distance...

he-hey! what's goin' on?

"so i took that stuffed monkey and tossed him into the bumbo! bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

"guess you had to be there."

eli and bebe commiserate over what it's like being the baby of the family

'well, eli, at least you can sit upright in a chair that doesn't have to be molded to your butt'

'true. but you get all your food from a boob.'

'ha! i like the way this guy thinks.'

"so i took that stuffed monkey and tossed him into the bumbo! bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

"tough room. man. the dog "

"i can always fall back on the ol' 'hit yourself in the face with the ring toy' gag. that gets a laugh every time!"

the shadows were long and the air was crisp.

mems gets her last bebe-hold as we say good bye to all of our new friends and get ready to hit the road ourselves.

bye beatrix!

bye, eli!

this thing's a little warm...

alright, time to go! see you at thanksgiving mems*!

*thanksgiving post coming soon... really. no seriously.