Thursday, December 31, 2009

the gas has passed pt. 4: the road home.

back at headquarters, after a long day of being out and about, we relished the thought of some r'n'r with friends.

we had a lovely dinner

...followed by some quiet reading

...and then the dance party started. so much for quiet.

we flailed wildly

...put on costumes

...traded children

...and pretended to be indoor lawn gnomes.

it was a swell time.

we needed naps in the middle just to keep going!

john sleeps like a weirdo.

...and then springs back into action!

for the grand finale, bebe trashes the couch

while harry sends his bear flying through the air! after that, it was lights out, literally. we had a flight to catch the next morning.

The Next Morning:

bebe watched while we packed up the car.

then back to the trains!

there was a lot of cool graffiti work on either side of our train ride.

alec came with us for part of the way.

he and mommy chatted while daddy and bebe hooted and hollared and ran around half-naked and crazed.

just kidding.

rip, kop.

tasty fruit for brunch at the commuter station.

and back on the train, headed for the airport!

we made it to our flight with plenty of time and totally took advantage of the small children rule of travel, cutting everyone in line. i knew there was a reason we had a kid.
daddy and bebe rocked matching star wars shirts for the ride home.

after chatting up the other lady across the aisle, bebe got ready for her nap, which coincided nicely with our flight.

she watched some futbol

and ate some last-minute tofu, which we had soaked in whiskey. it helps her sleep better.

"woooo... i feel tired and good."

"i'm just gonna' sit back and relax..."

"look out the window and..."


view from above.

view from above above.

mommy is happy to have a sleeping kid. that woman behind her looks pissed though. what's her problem?

landing at logan.

ahhh! home. i'd recognize that smell of filthy sea air and bus exhaust anywhere!

bebe was blown out of her little mind at how many busses, planes, and trains we took. i don't think she even cared that we were going anywhere.

one blue line train

-coming right up!

down the home stretch, pun intended. beatrix couldn't wait to get home.

hurry up with those bags, will ya', squirt?

and if you thought after all of that she was tired of trains'd be wrong.

daddy took pictures the WHOLE WAY HOME.

yes, the WHOLE WAY.

first thing in the door, she goes for a book! that's our kid.

ladies and germs, this concludes the posting opus that was our trip to DC. please return all trays to their seat backs, raise each chair to an upright position, and please note that items may shift in travel so use care when retrieving your personal belongings.

coming up next, a quick thanksgiving post (yes, i know. thanksgiving. whatever) and then x-mas and beyond- to the future!