Tuesday, June 21, 2011


today mommy and i celebrate eight years of marriage. to each other! while i'd say we operate in a state of mania that is not for everyone, it's hella fun once you're used to it. we've been together for about thirteen years and after some highs and lows i like to think of us as a pretty well-oiled machine. we need tune-ups and some regular maintenance just like any performance automobile, but all in all we run pretty smoothly day in and day out.

being married is hard work sometimes, especially when both of the people in the marriage are stubborn a-holes, er, i mean, individuals. you need to respect the other person, and feel respected in return. you need to be attracted to that person, and made to feel attractive by that person. and maybe most importantly, you need some laughs. you don't need to have every single thing in common, but if your sense of humor is the same it goes a long, long way. i'm so thankful to be married to someone who is




and most importantly, the best, most thoughtful mommy ever. as KG says of Rondo, she's the engine that stirs the drink (that is our family).

we have these two gorgeous little girls, and while my contribution to their creation was fun and minimal (my favorite kind), i can't take credit for them just yet. until such a day arrives, of everything in my life, i'm most proud of my marriage. we both work hard and the rewards are growing exponentially. thank you so much for putting up with my shit, even as you deal out your own. i love you more than NASA, i love you bigger than the universe, faster than the speed of light, more powerful than the big bang.

and for the record, beatrix is the KG of our family- highly emotional.
eloise is the late-addition shaq diesel- she, too, is unable to walk.
and i would be paul pierce, since i'm often creating my own shot.

thanks for eight great, legal, globally recognized, government sanctioned years, plus that bunch of off-the-record ones!


Monday, June 20, 2011

six months old!

that's right! on saturday eloise turned six months old, and to celebrate, i give you a barrage of birthday suit pics! enjoy!

"hey! nobody's ever going to see these, right?"
don't be silly- of course not.

"i'm serious."