Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bebe and mommy

for those of you who don't know, the flight was a breeze and bebe is being a total champ on the west coast. it doesn't sound like her sleep schedule is ideal, but it's way better than we thought it would be. she's getting re-acquainted with nora jane and having a good time, and i'm sure mommy will give us the details once they're back home, safe and sound. in the meantime, here they are maxin' and relaxin' one weekend afternoon...

Monday, April 26, 2010

so far away!

sunday morning we took a car ride to the airport so mommy and bebe could get on their plane for the west coast. they're spending an entire week at nora jane's house and they were pretty excited/anxious to get get going.

bebe's been going through some growing pains lately, like she's thirteen. she's moody, sulky, and belligerent. commonly heard around our house for the past three weeks: "no daddy! no daddy tiss (kiss)! no daddy hug! no daddy couch! no daddy bebe's room! no mommy no mommy no mommy no mommy no mommy! no bebe!" i don't even know what she means with that last one.

along with her diva behavior, she's been waking up at five am again, almost exactly, every morning. add all this together with a long plane ride and two time zone adjustments and it's a recipe for something that you wouldn't want to eat. poop stew, we'll call it.

mommy was nervous about being on a plane for so long with a toddler who screams and cries if you so much as shift her in your lap, but in the end bebe was awesome kid #1 and it sounds like everything went off without a hitch.

curbside check in.

there they go! i already miss them and they haven't left my sight!

one last look back for daddy- "daddy no tum? daddy stay home?"

let's get a closer look at that pretty lady!

oh jeeze! look at that little face! what a big kid! i love you guys! i can't wait till you're home!

in the meantime, i've got a back log of pics to get up, so just because the beebs is away doesn't mean the fun stops here. stay tuned...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


bebe has had an explosion of climbing ability and strength. as it's been mentioned, she has mastered not one, but two local tot-lot climbing walls, and can now successfully go up any slide we throw at her. she regularly climbs the outside of her crib, and has taken to climbing the fence across the street at the public garden:

unfortunately, she's yet to heed her daddy's one climbing rule: never climb something you can't get down from on your own. if i hadn't lifted her off, she'd be there right now, today. probably making bird noises. bebe!

Friday, April 16, 2010

sunday mornings

if you didn't know already, we split the weekend mornings with beebs so that we each get at least one day a week to catch up on sleep. sunday is my morning to sleep in and for a few sundays in a row i woke to the sounds of some serious snacking going on in the kitchen:

cooling off mommy's coffee.

and after breakfast, it's time for some serious running!

this is probably bebe's favorite launching pad. she gets her little back right up against the door to the back porch, and from there she has a clear shot all the way to the couch.

she keeps the cap on backwards so she stays aerodynamic...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

rain gear

bebe! it's going to rain all weekend- get out your rain gear!

well, it's only thursday. i just meant to have it handy.

"grrr. you know that my conception of 'time' is primitive, at best."

"for me, if it's not happening right now, then it's happening aaaaaaafter nap! what's a weekend?"
it's that time you have to spend with daddy while mommy goes off to do school work.

"well, what's a thursday? how long do i have to wait? when am i going to need this stuff?"
uh, aaaaaaafter nap!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

water like a big girl

bebe is a funny kid. she often walks a line between being a "big girl" and just being a kid. she seems to like having options, with lots of ways to do different things. for instance, while she's a fast runner and loves to walk, she also still likes being in her stroller- even more now that she's bigger, than she did when she was a baby. she also has her food favorites, but she'll occasionally try something she's tried before but not liked. usually she still doesn't like it, but every once in a while she surprises us, like when she shares a burger with mommy. drinking water from a grown-up glass is another example. a lot of the time she relies on her own plastic sippy-cups or water bottles, but if we're having a snack and mommy and daddy are drinking from big glasses, she likes to join in:

like everything she does, it's adoorbell.

also pretty awesome- she now regularly blurts out "star wars!" followed by "darth vader!" and last night, she insisted i pick her up to dance together to some star wars theme music that was playing in the background of a video game. love, love, love.