Monday, January 25, 2010

blast from the past(family edition)!

going all the way back to thanksgiving here. it's the one time a year we (my siblings and i) are all in one place, so i always try to get us together for some pics. of course, the more people involved, the greater the difficulty in achieving an acceptable photo. these are the best of the bunch:

for any one who may not know, that's (l-r) me, auntie jamie, mommy, bebe, auntie ash, uncle trev, and uncle seth (up top).

me and my sibs. i love my family.

me and uncle seth.

me and auntie jamie.

with a little bebe thrown in.

me and uncle trev.

me and auntie ash.

ash and trev. what a cute couple.

one of my favorite meals of the year!

afterwards, it was bebe time. she found this cool old chair at great grandma's and posed for some pics:

happy thanksgiving!

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