Saturday, May 1, 2010

edwin land meets hg wells...

bebe! isn't the time/space travel of photography awesome? today, you're on a plane, coming home all the way from the west coast! but thanks to the physics-shattering will of technology, we're able to talk via these pictures i took two weeks ago! before you had even left!

"wow. i'm eating the pasta. what are you having? also, stop yelling please."

bebe, are you pooping?

"no. i'm using the magic of technology to travel through time and space."

"like when i poop in my pants, and then i just pretend it didn't happen."

actually, that's just denial.

"no, i simply travel back to a time before i pooped, thus rendering my poop 'not there.'"

but it's still in there. you just hate having your diaper changed.


um, yes. you in the pink bib. go.

"am i actually sitting here right now, in this photo?"


"no poop."

it's not the same thing. i think perhaps you've misunderstood my original concept.


"i'm sure we could sit here and argue all day"

"...or at least until i put another 'not poop' in my pants."

are you saying it's semantics? should we agree to disagree?

"i say poop-tay-to, you say poop-tah-to."

you're a bright kid. your pants smell.

"no poop."

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