Friday, July 1, 2011

fall garden

since it's right about time for mommy to start complaining about how hot it is, after complaining about how cold it was, then about how rainy it was, i figured i would throw up these pics of a trip beebs and i took to the public garden last fall. it's amazing to think that we were waiting around to meet eloise at this point, and would be enjoying one of our few saturdaddybebe day excursions without little sister in tow.

we've lived in boston for ten years, and i've spent about five of those years waiting for trains.

and waiting

...and waiting.

"there's one!"

"helllllooooo, onaj train!"

as beatrix gets older and bigger in the mouth, she doesn't have to smush and mangle her words so much anymore to get them out. one of the many sad casualties will be the loss of "onaj" instead of "orange." some people might be happy to see a characteristic otherwise associated with severe head injuries disappear, but we're a little sad about it. pronouncing "L" as "y" will be another big yoss. there'll be no more "ayo-weeze" or "yong, yong time!" or "yittle peeyayground." tragic.

on second thought, maybe if we "accidentally" dropped her on her head we could prolong some of these linguistical tics...

"i don't yike the sound of that."
but "the linquistical tics" sounds like a great band name! someone go crazy with that one, it's a gift.

"c'mon, hurry up!"
okay, okay- where are we headed?



"i'll be damned if i know. point me towards something, will ya'?"
how about the chains?

bebe is like that ghost from the scrooge story. she never misses a chance to rattle her chains.

it was around this time that she added making hilarious faces to her repertoire. this is one she made making fun of me when i asked if she would share her crackers by putting one in my mouth. henceforth, any time she offered me a cracker she would ask if i wanted one and then make this face at me:

we sat and listened to this awesome/awful guy for a while. he had a bunch of percussion and other instruments set up off to the side that he encouraged us to come up and play along with, but we declined. pretty much everything on his cart made a noise, some more musical than others.

when he really got going it sounded like seventeen cats fighting in a burlap sack on a merry-go-round next to someone attempting to play an entire horn section with anything but their mouth, all while riding in the belly of a whale as it swam over a waterfall into a giant whale-sized meat grinder, one that could just do the whole whale all at once or something. oh, and also there was harmonica. soooo... bob dylan? i don't know. but it was highly entertaining and also terrible, at the same time. just like life!

he even scared most of the water away. it was like "whoa! wtf is all that? let's get outta here!"

the ducks didn't mind because they're terrible animals themselves and are not known for their good taste and sophistication. they were all, "i don't squonksqueenksquatchburp what all the fuss is about whirrrrrrruppidywonk. it sounds fine to me." nice try, ducks.

the forest rats didn't care either. i'm always amazed to see foreign tourists go crazy for the squirrels. and these are park squirrels, so they're super comfortable coming right up to a human and practically putting their diseased little paws out. get a job! i like to scream at them. well, really. get a job.

for the rest of the afternoon we acted homeless.

we pushed carriages around aimlessly

we hung out on benches

we cat-called at all of the fat old ladies who walked past us...
"heyo ode yady!"

bebe even tried to pee in this empty fountain. after persuading her that this was unwise, she decided to yell hellos to any and all of the inanimate objects in sight. how this kid can do this sort of thing as people walk by smiling (and cringing) at her and not care, but still not feel comfortable just returning a wave from a pleasant stranger (and aren't they all) is beyond me.



wave from a stranger:

"it's a just a hand! can i touch it?"


finally, one quick look at this decidedly male horse before back to the train ride home.

"got an old fashioned here, feeling pretty good..."

once we were home bebe wanted to play a round of hide-and-seek:

i can see you, you know.

"how about now?"

oh, yady.

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