Wednesday, June 1, 2011

olivia movie!

whoa man, you guys. a couple of weekends ago bebe and i went to the movies for the first time! well, not my first time, but bebe's first time. we saw "Olivia's Adventures in the Great Outdoors!" it wasn't actually a movie- it was a bunch of episodes from the television series all shown on the big screen...

"a big screen, you say?"
yep. shall we bring our own 'Olivia' with us?

"sure, yeah, sure sure!"
(a favorite saying of bebe's right now. be sure to throw in a healthy amount of lisp at the front of 'sure' a la 'thurr, thurr.')

she was a little apprehensive, unaware of exactly what we were going to do. she understood large tv screen, the dark, rows of seats and lots of other people, but i don't think she was really putting it all together.

all i had with me was my phone, so the pics are mediocre at best. add to that the fact that once we got to the moooooovies she was pretty much a blur of excitement. for a kid who is often shy and reserved at first, she was really into the experience.

also worth mentioning is the fact that lady has been pretty exclusively in underpants these days, only wearing a diaper to sleep in. she's a real big kid. in some of the tiniest jeans you're ever likely to see.

i was really surprised how into this she was. it wasn't that i hadn't expected her to be excited, it was how un-shy she was. she insisted that she hold our tickets, and that she be the one to hand them to the ticket taker. if you don't know our beebs that well, let me just say that this was social fearlessness the likes of which i've never seen from her. it was a little weird.

as it turned out, it wasn't all that crowded, and we got to pick seats wherever we wanted.

"how about here?"
looks good to me.

we talked about how the lights would go down, and the screen would be bright. we found the projection booth and the hole in the back wall where the film would be projected. we even had our lunch with us. all that was left was to sit back and enjoy our first movie together!

"here it comes!"

Olivia had her own special seat in the cup holder, and bebe sat right up on the edge of the seat next to her so that it wouldn't fold up and smoosh her, or dump her onto the floor. bebe, not Olivia.

all in all it was super fun, and we're definitely heading back when we can. bebe sat and watched for almost the entire ninety minutes or so, taking a little break somewhere in the middle to watch the light streaming from the projection room and to count the dimmed lights above our heads. we even stopped on the way out to use the restroom! i love going to the movies, and it will be hard for me to forget the warm, fuzzy feeling i got when the lights went low and we held hands in the dark- just me and my big girl.

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