Wednesday, March 23, 2016

September 2015!

Sooooooooo. SEPTEMBER. whew. School started, but summer continued. Cook-outs, playgrounds, the pool, a steak in the shape of the Millennium Falcon... we played in the yard when it was nice out, read books when it rained, the big girls got used to pick ups and drop offs, and Annabel and I got used to having the daytime to ourselves- we took lots of walks, did some hiking, hung out at the library, and played around the house.

Beebs got sick, Annabel turned two (!), had her annual check-up, and Eloise blossomed into the Pre-K Kid! We apple picked, ate cider donuts, and enjoyed the waning days of summer and late sunsets. 

There was a lot to get through with this month's update, owing in large part to the inclusion of phone pics from a nicer phone, so there will be A LOT of smaller series-type updates to go with this one. Check back often! Enjoy-

First day of school!

Cook out and Mom's work!


Library fun-

The best parts of the playground are... not the playground.

The fastest hunk of meat in the galaxy!

Eloise, and Eloise-

Really? As a Little Golden Book?

Happy Birthday! 


That time the bigs got pissed and "ran away."

And Annabel channeled spirits...


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