Monday, April 4, 2016

Hike! (remember warm weather? sun?)

So, we've got snow today. After some mild weather, we got cold air, high winds, and now snow. No one around these parts was fooled by the taste of Spring weather we (sort of) got- many years it snows into April. So, fine. Snow. Whatever.

However, I went to finish up the September 2015 updates and saw that they are all full of sunny, warm looking adventures that Anzo and I had, and thought this would be perfect timing to get them up here. September was a lot of fun for us- the big girls were both in school all day, mommy worked, and that left us to frolic in the waning days of Summer. As this, and the remaining September posts will show, it was a blast!

I thought it might be kind of cruel to throw them up all in one post, so stay tuned for some fast and furious entries over the next couple of days, and then it's on into November. Only it's actually April. And to think I was prepared to have this whole year-in-review bit wrapped up by February...

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