Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bedtime reading

bebe loves her books, and one of her fave things to do right now is to pull them all out of her book shelf and flip through them, sometimes a few at once:

ocassionally she enlists lammy to read with her.

i asked her to show me her favorite part of her Red Sox book: the legends of the game. she's a big fan of pudge, just like her daddy.

and this is no accident. that's right, she's reading upside down! what a show-off!

if a book is out of reach, she often tries telepathy. i keep telling her that her head's too small for that. look at her try, anyway. she sure is persistent.

hey, bebe-

"whu- ? oh, hi daddy."

it's time to stop reading and get to bed.

"ha ha, good one!"

no, for real beatrix. let's put the books away and get ready for bed. do you want to brush your tooth?

"awww, daddy. i just want to read one more book! pleeeeaaassse? you wouldn't say no to a big smiley face would you?"

(be strong. you're the adult. you're the one in charge. and you're bigger than she is.)

"huh? c'mon... whadda' ya' say?"

bebe, the later this goes on, the worse it's going to get!

"perhaps you'd be more interested in letting me stay up"

"...if i hypnotized you!!!!!"

beatrix marie!

"kidding! kidding!"

"now, where was that last book..."

"let me see here..."

"not make way for ducklings, not the pokey little puppy..."

bebe, seriously.

"chill out, daddy. it's this one right here."

really. the complete works of william shakespeare? not to be, bebe. not to be.

"fine. i'll just put it away for another time."

"c'mon, lammy! let's get some shut-eye."

note: right before we got down on the floor to read, i was getting her into her pjs on the changing table. she had been laying there for a while and we had been playing- blowing raspberries and smooching and high-fiving, etc. anyway, as we started to wind down, under my breath and really just to myself i said "jeeze, lady, i sure love you a lot." she stopped playing with whatever she had in her hands, looked up at me, and whispered back "da da." holy crap.

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