Saturday, March 14, 2009

back to the stone age (or art school)

the whole reason i got a new camera was because i like new, shiny things. and also because i crushed the view screen on my old camera, which i really liked, by the way. since my new camera is being fixed, i've powered up the old one and have attempted to use it, sparingly, as a fill-in. when my new, better camera comes back from being fixed, i'll summarily toss this lesser camera to the back of a desk drawer where it will be lonely and cry and stuff. but i won't listen to it. i'll ignore it and move on with my life, because that's what grown-ups do. but until then, here's the old, new love of my life:

the screen looks like that all the time, so i can't change controls, turn the flash on, or even see what i'm shooting at. photo anarchy!

sometimes i guess right, and get usable shots like these:

other times, less lucky:

(although, this one's not bad...)

yeah. so we'll see how this works out...

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