Thursday, June 4, 2009

sunday on the cape

on sunday, we hit the road for the cape. mems and teed were visiting some family and we jumped at the chance to introduce beatrix to more of the family and spend time with the grands.

cape cod, the red sox, gay marriage- yep, it's massachusetts!

welll, we had told bebe that her newest word (buhirrrrrrr) would be represented right in the house, but i don't think she believed us until we got there.

bebe, meet gus.

she was pretty excited, and so was gus. bebe was excited to get her hands on him, and he was excited to move as far back into his cage as possible.

the introductions didn't stop with the pets. next up was bebe's third cousin twice removed, then put two-thirds back in, and then finally rinsed under luke-warm water for ten minutes. honestly, i couldn't tell you how they're exactly related since my knowledge of extended families stops at the cousins you're not supposed to kiss. beyond that, i'm lost. somehow, someway, these two are family. bebe was impressed with what a big girl sara is.

the proud grandpa.

we're hoping bebe gets her cousin's fashion sense. those are some wicked heels for a two year old. and she was able to sit down on the floor, stand up, crawl over obstacles, etc. all without ever losing a shoe!

mems and bebe doing some bird watching outside

...and inside.

sara shares her dolly with beebs. see what i mean about the heels?

bebe works the "baby" while sara supervises.

there was a nice, long stretch of floor for bebe to zoom back and forth on (unlike at our house) and she took full advantage of it.

it's nice to just stop and lean against the wall now and then.

gus finally came out of his cage to give some flying lessons.

which mommy and bebe then put to good use.

sara and her mommy and daddy, T and jeannine.

T's a natural. look at him wrangle those ladies!

thinking about having another one, T?

while the grown-ups talked, bebe worked the hell out of this puzzle.

and did it all while still in her tu-tu.

"no, no. bebe, that one goes there! see? it's a wheel!"

"if you're not interested in doing it right then- here. just, just gimme that piece. i'll do it."

"listen, this is really important. when you apply to dartmouth, they're going to ask you if you can put puzzles together. sometimes if you say no they won't accept you. and you can't lie, they have a puzzle right there waiting, to test you."

we lured bebe and teed away from the puzzle with a big Thomas the Tank Engine.

oh man, i sure love those guys!

"don't forget about practicing that puzzle, okay?"

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