Tuesday, August 4, 2009

saturday beach day

who's that pinchy little crab down at the end of my foot?

"it's me. bebe."


for someone who loves nothing more than to run around all over the place, beachatrix only wanted her mommy to carry her everywhere, at least at first.

she likes the water, but i think the wave action still freaks her out a little.


"let me get this straight."

"the water goes out..."

"but then it comes right back in again."



"holy jeebus! WHERE ARE MY FEET!?!"

take it easy, they're just buried in the sand. see?

"ah. okay..."
but you better count the toes just in case.

"you count them! i just can't. no, seriously- i'm one, i can't count."

hello, beach ladies...

it takes lady about twenty seconds to completely cover herself in sand, especially her face, and sometimes tongue. it never seems to bother her though.

"hey, there's something in my bucket!"

"bleccchhhh! seagull poop."

huggles for mommy.

more bucket. she loves to fill the bucket with water, then fill the bucket with sand. then scoop out the sand, then pour out the water, then fill it with water, then add the sand... she could have been a Big Dig contractor.

and when she noticed that just about the only thing at base camp that wasn't covered with sand was mommy's chair, she lured her away...

and pounced.

there, that's better. all sandy.

ho hum.

and of course, beatrix eventually found a nice dimple of water to play in- one of her favorite sea-side pastimes.

...and, huggles.

hey ladies! it's time to go!

"man, i can't wait to get in the car and take a nap! i'm beat!"

"bye, beach. see you next week?"

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