Monday, August 10, 2009

saturday with daddy at Forest Hills Cemetery

"did you hear that, ricki? daddy said we're going to the cemetery..."

don't worry beebs, there's nothing to be afraid of.

"why are you telling me?"

"tell ricki! she's that one that's scared!"

it took some convincing, but finally ricki was okay about going for a walk at Forest Hills. it's a graveyard and a big park, and it has installation art, sculpture, and tons of famous people are buried there.

she's always in a hurry to push, except for when she runs herself off the road.

"okey dokey. all parked. where are the dead folks?"

this could be the cover for a new Run DMC album. it would take a pretty big pair of shoes to fill the hole jam master jay left, but dj chubby cheeseneck just may fit the bill.

i kept trying to introduce her to one of my favorite poets:

right behind you.

"what? where? i don't know where you mean."


she's one of your grammy's faves too. and look- she died the year daddy was born...

"is she in there? i don't hear anything..."
we tried to find e.e. cummings, but bebe wouldn't stand still long enough to look.

do you ever get that feeling? y'know, like a bebe just walked over your grave?

how about stood around on it? did a little dance?

then we found this awesome mausoleum with built in steps! bebe's favorite thing right now is steps! awesome!






"alright, that's enough of that. i think i heard a noise from inside. seriously. get me down from here. now."

are you sure? it does feel a little... spooky. wait, what's that smell?

"okay, okay. don't make a big deal out of it. i poop my pants all the time. probably hearing a ghost had nothing to do with it. "

let's get away from the graves for a while and hang out in the park-y part.

out by the main gate there's this big tree with branches that hang way down and make a cool tree fort.

to get inside you have to crawl under the leaves...

it's easy to get lost if you don't pay attention.

wait- where's bebe ?!?

oh, phew. i thought maybe a zombie grabbed you!


"now, why do you have to go talking like that? we're here enjoying this cool tree fort..."

"i swear. you can't just leave it alone."

"going on and on about zombies and stuff."


"i'll tell you what- i've got night of the living dead in my pants over here. how 'bout you knock off all that talk and freshen me up?"

she tried one grave

but that grave was too big!

the next one

was just right.

"oh brother."

at the end of our trip we did some yoga (that's downward dog, one of bebe's favorites)

and read some books to our new dead friends. cemeteries are fun!

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