Thursday, December 31, 2009

passing gas, pt3: abject failure.

the next day, bebe remained mysterious and would only demand that we bring "reinforcements" with us into the city.

so we enlisted alec, rachel, harry, and john, aka the MacG-men, to help bebe on her mission of international intrigue/espionage.

which meant heading back down the runway into the coolest looking subway system ever designed.

like being in a torpedo tube, or the barrel of a gun. or a huge large intestine made entirely of cement. you get the idea.

the first leg of our journey involved a little waiting.

bebe stretched anxiously. "it's important to stay limber." she told me. so it is, so it is.

"alright everyone! stay frosty! follow my lead- if they ask you for your documents, fish around in your pockets and wait for my signal to run. eyes on me!"

"listen up! we're going in by the book. nobody steps out of line. anybody does, they're changing my diaper. and i've put myself on a strict diet of blueberries and prune juice!"

the troops listened intently.


"oh man, are we there yet or what?"

"hmm. perhaps all that prune juice was not such a good idea..."

the MacG-men carefully studied our route. they were all business.

except for john's dino boots. whose idea was it to bring along the dino boots on a low-key recon mission?

alec? rachel?

after our short trip, we arrived at Union Station.

see? told you.

the news of the weekend was the shooting at the base in Texas. It kept alec busy since part of his job is staying up to speed on all of the current events.

remnants of fall, heading into winter.

there were lots of spooky sights along our route. i liked that people in the area were in no hurry to get rid of their halloween decorations. there were plenty of jack o' lanterns on stoops, too.

"enough with the lolly-gagging, people! hup-to!

"oh no! i think our cover's been blown! quick, hit the deck! everybody down!"

"false alarm everyone. false alarm. on your feet. fall in."

"now, where'd i put that horse?"

"oh. here it is."


"let me out of this thing! i never met my contact! i need further instructions! i need to know the truth! i need... to change my diaper!"


"daddy, i'm trying to eat! no pictures! john- stop pointing!"

these long hangar-type runways made me wish i had my skateboard. a pair of twelve-inch legs is just as good, i suppose.

heyyyyy bebe! i found some busted up stairs over here! why don't you come climb all over them? oooh! i see some rusted metal!


"i see some garbage over there i can crawl through!"

"maybe i'll fall and need a tetanus shot! needles are cool!"

financial times are tough for the financial times.

they're a little behind on current events.

we're technically on our last day, beebs. are you upset at your lack of accomplishment?

"well, i wasn't able to fulfill my mission objectives, it's true. but i did achieve a minimum amount of reconnascience and i'll be able to file a report with headquarters rich with intel. not a total bust."

does this mean that you'll go back to talking like a normal person?

"do you mean, a civilian?"

nevermind. stay tuned for pt 4 as we head north back to bebe's house!

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