Thursday, December 10, 2009

the cap was a gas

we took our first trip on an airplane to washington dc a little while back. we spent a long weekend riding planes, trains, and automobiles, not to mention elevators, escalators, and a unicorn! actually, no unicorn.

first item of business: tubba for the trip. you ready yet, pruney?




ok. now we're all ready! let's head to the train!

"this is gonna be awesome..."

our first train was the orange line. this was probably the least exciting since it's now old hat for the beebs.

ha ha. six years ago, when mommy and daddy went on their honeymoon, this sign was new and fresh. now it's been up so long they built a nice frame around it. it's practically a piece of public installation art. this is probably because it takes a long time to modernize. then, a little time passes and what used to be modern is no longer modern so you have to readjust your goal as you're modernizing, and plan accordingly. then, as you're planning for the future, even more time passes and makes your newly adjusted goal seem dated, so it's back to the old drawing board. seriously, if you've ever taken the blue line or spent any time at the state street stop you know we'd be happy to settle for the "modernization" of the 1980's. just do something, already. jeeze.

waiting for our second train of the day.

we put bebe in charge of watching for our stop. she kept a close eye on the announcement board and let us know when to get off. i only ever take the blue line to the airport, but i may have to take an exploratory ride some time soon. with cool sounding names like "maverick" and "wonderland" i can't help but be intrigued. also, at eight o'clock in the morning i saw not one but two old dudes openly drinking cans of beer...

logan international airport has the coolest changing tables!

"is that our plane? it looks kind of small. do they know how many bags we usually bring?"

here's mommy on her way to board the plane with her lucky back pack. other spouses would be embarrassed but i think if it makes her feel more at ease, and keeps her from peeling the skin from my forearms during take-offs and landings, then she should go for it.

and it's true, she was very relaxed.

somebody else may have been a little nervous.

at least until jet blu turned the televisions on.

truth be told, beatrix was on her best behavior. and she understood we were surrounded by planes, but i don't think she ever got that we were in one, even once we were off the ground. the same was true of the numerous trains we'd take. she only cared about their outsides. so superficial.

plane! plane!


"back to sportscenter!"

ready for take-off!

our last glimpse of land until baltimore.

i prefer the clouds anyway.

it was a short flight, just over an hour, but we still had time to read some books some snacks

...and drive the bus.

coming in for a landing...

ladies and germs, BWI:

...where the elevators are studded. baltimore's got kink, apparently.

bebe just flew in, and boy were her arms tired.

mommy and bebe, waiting for the shuttle. from BWI we'd go to the train station, board another train, and head into DC.

nothing like a nutritious snack on the road. literally. nothing- as in there wasn't one. unless you counted the gum, for it's gum disease prevention.

lucky for bebe, there's almost always a boob in sight. hopefully mommy's, but beggars can't be choobers, i mean choosers, can they.

"hey- they're called leggings, not tights, capiche? now, tilt me towards the tracks so's i can watch the trains..."

flight attendant's luggage.

"woo woo!"

by midday we were on our third train of the day.

this "travelling" thing is a piece of cake, right mommy?

mmmmmwah! kisses for the baby's feet.

some crazy travel-hair.

okey-dokey, squiddo! time to get off and meet up with our friends!

alec, rachel, harry, and john were our gracious hosts for this trip. alec is liza's oldest friend and is a reporter for the paper in washington. it was fun to spend time with them and they were really good to us. bebe was just excited to have two bigger kids to play with.

a hug of happiness while harry gets his color on.

on the first night, after john and bebe had gone to bed, harry and i decided to take some "ghost" pictures.

pretty cool, but not nearly as scary as the self-portraits we took right afterwards:

this one is my favorite. good times, and we haven't even left the house yet!
check back soon for day two!

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