Thursday, November 18, 2010

kitchen dance

a while back, Kid (as i've been calling her lately) discovered her reflection. she found it in her room, in the window across from her old crib where she still likes to jump and now watch herself jumping. she found it in the windows at the front of the house, in the reflection of car doors as we walk along the sidewalk of our street, and of course in the actual mirrors we have in the house. but one of her favorite places is in the door to the oven. from this particular spot she can jump, dance, and be an all-around, self described "silly goose:"

Kid has amazing hair. considering she does nothing to it but occasionally have it washed and combed, it is phenomenal. especially now that the style is the "mussed-up" look. grown women gape at her natural highlights and mussiness and weep openly on the street. sorry, ladies. and yes, the gap is all-natural. no daughter of mine would be caught dead with a gap implant.

1 comment:

  1. while the celtic's 5 looks good perhaps a sun's 13 in purple with grey trim might look a little better - doanchyathink?

    gotta be grandpa steve