Saturday, December 4, 2010

rain walk

nothing like being months behind on your blog, is there? eh? ha. um.
i've had a lot on my plate, for pretty much the entire fall- crazy work issues, crazy home issues (little baby is a month away!), and a real shortage of energy in general. most nights, once the chores are done and beebs is in bed, it's all i can do to keep my head from hitting my chest in the middle of a basketball game. at one point about six weeks ago i just finally put a mental (and physical, i guess) stop to pretty much anything that wasn't involved directly with keeping the family machine running.

this meant no blog stuff across the board, no writing, no taking new pictures, no thinking about music... and if it wasn't for audio books i can listen to on my commute i wouldn't even have been reading. any projects i was working on got shelved, and i spent most nights either asleep on the couch at nine or nine-thirty, or else plagued by insomnia coupled with little or no drive to do anything except stare into space. people who have never experienced insomnia talk about it like it's this great thing where you just don't have to sleep and can get all kinds of things done- more hours in the day! awesome! obviously that's not the way that works. instead you get a sluggish, dis-corporeal reality where you're always feeling a step off and lack any desire or energy to do anything but stay awake aimlessly, feeling kind of gross. awesome! no.

meanwhile, i've had a ton of pics from things we've done all summer long sitting in the queue. and sitting in the queue. and sitting in the queue.

what i've decided is to just start throwing this stuff up. the posts for the foreseeable future will be mostly pics, with little or no commentary aside from the explanatory "this is when we went to the beach" and "here's daddy with a carrot stuck up his nose" kind of stuff. i'm not saying that if the spirit moves me i'll ignore it, but just that the focus for a little while is going to be on just getting the pics up. it sucks when i have a blog i like to read and i keep going back to the same old non-updated entry, and i always think (to the author)- just change it! put something new up! anything! just change it! and while beebs is cute as hell, i can understand the ten or so of you who come here hoping for updates being disappointed or even disgruntled at the same old set of pics sitting on that front entry.

i also feel like once little baby is here i'll have even less time to do this sort of thing, so if stuff is going to get posted, now's the time. and hopefully this will ease some of the blog pressure i feel and help me to get some updates to the other blogs as well. but, um, no promises. kay?

this happened so long ago, i don't even remember exactly when it was. i could look at the dates on the pics, but that would blah, blah, blah, effort, blah, blah. early summer, for sure. it was one of the days where the newness of the warm weather was enough of a novelty for us to brave the rain and leave the confines of the house, if only for a short while. or something.

hey! who's under that umbrella?

oh. one really pissed kid.


"this thing is heavier than it looks!"

let's take the orange train to the public garden!


"i feel a little sick."

let's go kick some ducks, you'll fell better!

when it rains just a little, people tend to stay indoors.

it just means more room for us!

there's something fairly depressing about this scene. i'm not sure what it is, though.






and now, three early attempts at the "smile!" command:



#3 and this time, with teeth! sort of.

rain-sprinkled knees.

everything was lush and shiny and vibrant in the mist.

on the way back to the orange train, we saw this cool car:

then it was back home! thanks, orange train!

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