Wednesday, January 5, 2011

as promised...

here is a big ol' batch of baby pics. i didn't post from any of the "events" that we've had (the birth, meeting people, doctor's visits, etc.) because i'll post those separately in a year or so. ha ha. these are just pics that i've taken while home, hanging around. don't feel bad if they bore you, eloise is just a dumb baby at this point. the most you can hope for is some gas-induced funny faces... enjoy!

big sister meets little sister:


have to make actual food for this kid. if you can call organic chicken nuggets "food." at least there are some vegetables there (don't worry, she never eats them).

bebe and i have been spending a ton of time together. it's a lot like being stranded on a desert island some days. we get real bored.

"next time, read the instructions before you put me in here."

christmas dinner:

yeah, she's really that little.

baby burrito.

bebe and her own baby/carseat, heading out with mommy and eloise:



  1. i'd like to nibble on that baby burrito.

  2. i am in tears. she is so gorgeous and i love these photos and your commentary and YOU!