Friday, January 14, 2011


oh, man! we got our first real big snow storm of 2011, and as if that wasn't cool enough, i got my first snow day in almost ten years! and what better way to spend it than shoveling! i couldn't go without my partner:

snow suit bebe!

when we got to the bottom of the stairs, it was feeling a little bit daunting:


no, no- daunting, not haunting. look at all that snow and ice!

messy, messy!


ah, there you are. are you coming, or what? daddy's back is getting sore and this stuff won't shovel itself!

this was the first time that beebs really got out and played in the snow. last year she didn't really care about it.

and neither mommy nor myself are big winter sports kind of people, so we haven't encouraged snow man building, or sledding, or ice skating as much as we probably could have.

bebe was all about the snow frolic this time around:

she repeatedly tested her winter gear and survival skills by climbing to the tippy top of this massive peak!


"i think you're over doing it. but- i am going to need some help getting down."

taking the initiative, bebe was on a mission to make "no-angels." i kept telling her we were better off making "snow angels," because then we would have something to show for our efforts. nope, she insisted on "no-angels." okey-dokey.

i suggested the back yard would be a great place, so she headed back there to check it out.

while i shoveled the porch, she brushed off the railing. she really loves to do her part. it's a real little part, but she loves to do it none the less.

alright! No-angel time!

kind of hard to see, but these are our first ever bebe-daddy snow angels!

she was really getting the leg part down, but she wasn't quite sure about the arm part. instead of pressing them down into the snow, she was waving them in the air in front of her face.

thus, she often ended up snow-covered. in the face.

"it's cold, IT'S COLD!!!"

so cold, in fact, that after a few of those she was ready to retire for the day. i, however, had more work to do. as i shoveled out the rest of the sidewalk and our car, i took some pics of the snowy day:

kind of like a zombie apocalypse- barren wasteland, devoid of life save for a few slowly shambling figures lumbering off in the distance... pretty awesome!

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