Thursday, March 31, 2011

saturdaddybebeday: the zoo

as a nice change of scenery, for me at least, bebe and i have been spending more time at the zoo lately.

her version of going to the zoo usually means rushing through everything else to get to the gorillas, where she stares timidly for a few seconds, and then rushes onward to something else.


i try to get her to slow down and actually watch the animals, but she just looks into the exhibits, checks whatever animals she can see off of her little mental list, and moves on.



bebe decided to give mommy and eloise a call on her cellphone(one of mommy's many old ones that litter our home) once we left bird world (the reception in there sucks).

tell her i said hi! did you tell her i said hi? tell her we saw birds! and ducks! tell her i said hi!

"sorry mommy, i couldn't hear what you were saying, daddy was talking. what was that again?"

"oh, yeah. uh-huh. and the snake. 'kay, you're breaking up, gotta go love you bye!"

the main exhibit for us is always the gorillas, with the added excitement of the new baby gorilla. sitting on koko's right arm is the new 'bebe' gorilla.

once inside, out came the phone again. distressing. this time it was to send a text.

"i'm going to tell mommy we saw the baby! also, it smells in here!"

"crap. i just remembered. i don't know any words."

"jumbled garbage, then."

"did that guy just walk by with a blanket on his head?"

we didn't get to see the baby this time, but we did get some close-up time with this guy. we guessed he was the baby's daddy. baby daddy, they call them. in the wild.

what's he doing down there?

time for lunch!

lunch time, hippopotamus theatre.

this is christopher, the lion. i'm pretty sure this is the closest we've ever been to him.

look at her sweaty little hands just steaming up the glass!

he usually just chills up on that big rock, nonchalantly roaring and what not.

pretending to be a lion arriving from africa.

one last look before we head for home...

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