Monday, March 14, 2011

daddy's little tax breaks, um, i mean, girls.

no, but seriously. we got a TON back this year.

i know there haven't been many regular posts, and i have a great reason why. if you thought i was going to get that reason in this post, then you're probably new to the blog. and to that, i say Welcome! all of you regulars may now feel free to roll your eyes. done? okay.

i actually do have a reason, but it needs it's own post. i'm trying not to be too cryptic here, so all i'll say is that it's because i love eloise more than bebe. stay tuned. in the mean time, i've got some pictures to show you. and as far as posts go, i've decided there are two ways to improve the number of posts on a regular basis: more pics, fewer words, and more log, less blog. i was thinking that the writing should be kept short, and the pics, if not a lot per post, should at least come more often. so there you go. get ready. you- in the back. wake up.

so there's a longer post coming, a sort of update as to where we're at right now, family-wise. we've got a lot going on this year. and for those of you who aren't facebook connected, check out this piece i wrote (along with a photo i took) at the blog "a picture's worth:"


and now, on to my little ladies. just a couple of pics per girl, hanging out:

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  1. no shame in loving one child more than the other. i always loved maggie more than liza and look how great liza turned out.