Thursday, November 24, 2011

practice (improves perfect).

one of the reasons we were in such a hurry to get in a visit with Aunt Marge and Uncle Ben at their place in NYC is that soon it will be getting a whole lot smaller, while our family gets bigger!

that's right- Aunt Marge isn't fat, she's pregnant! probably most of you knew this already, but now everyone knows! because my family blog is world famous! woo hoo! sorry! it's hard to stop using exclamation points once you really get going! seriously! try it yourself! oh god, someone help me!

contemplating the essence of chicken:

"so wait- i'm chicken. but this is a chicken. and i'm 'called' chicken. but we would also call this chicken. and this is a chicken in effigy. am i a squeeze toy? am i an effigy of this toy, or of an actual chicken? or is it all the other way around? what does it mean to truly be 'chicken?' and holy crap- which came first? chickens all the way down..."

i have this feeling that Aunt Marge is going to be an awesome mom, and Uncle Ben is going to be an awesome dad. 

hey look, it's them five years from now, enjoying a lazy sunday afternoon with their kids! no, wait. they're not nearly haggard and worn looking enough.

all in good time!

in the meanwhile, their nieces love them a lot! 

while the politics of the thanksgiving holiday get messy, is it so bad to have an official excuse ONCE A YEAR to just get together with people we love and who often drive us crazy, and just acknowledge all of the good we provide to each other? yeah, yeah, yeah, the pilgrims killed the indians with guns, and spears, and unsound building materials, and chicken pox, and herpes, and walmart, and high interest rates and whatever else. but can't we just forget about history and have a good time? i say yes!


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