Saturday, November 19, 2011

saturday morning train ride

saturday was going to be a busy day- we had tickets for the circus in the afternoon, but we were also going to meet our good friends steve and jodie for lunch first.

as per usual, bebe teamed up with her old pal, uncle ben.

we walked a little way to the train, and then it was all subway. aunt marge and uncle ben knew exactly which way to go, in spite of how some trains weren't running, others were running in place of the ones that weren't running, but then because of that weren't running on their own lines, and then there were the express trains. which sometimes went express, sometimes not. 

then the were the trains that ran, until they didn't. like the ones that just stopped and hung out. 

we weren't in any hurry, so the whole thing didn't matter much to us. until later on in the weekend. but we'll get to that.

elo's first NYC subway ride!

to beebs, it was old hat. the city kid rides again!

an unfortunate strawberry incident. luckily it washed out. sorry, mommy.

bebe spent lots of time looking out the window

and eloise slept the entire way...

more stuff at the photoblog...

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