Wednesday, April 4, 2012

nature, pt 2

as i was getting the above post ready (among other things) for the blog, we were treated to more cool stuff, right outside (and on) our door- the first of which was a crazy early evening rain storm that soaked us with driving rain and wind, and then blew past to open up blue skies. during the aftermath i noticed this:

it was giant, and pretty bright. by the time i got my camera it had faded considerably, even though it only took me a few seconds. the below photo was only taken a minute or so after this one, but you can see what a difference a minute made in light quality, etc. 

i grabbed bebe and mommy and eloise and we ran to check it out. bebe said something to the effect of "this is my first real rainbow, ever! i've only seen them in my dreams!" 

it only lasted a few seconds more before the clearing weather caused it to disappear. but when i turned around to go back in the house, i saw something cool in the nest the birds had been building: 

 there were two last night, and this morning when i checked there were three. i wonder how many we'll end up with...

i was in the process of cleaning out the basement when the storm started, so bebe and i went back down to finish it up. i brought the camera just in case there were more cool pictures to take. there were.

rain kid:

once we finished, the sun began to set and the real cloud show started. we get the best sunsets ever. almost every single one is epic. i could shoot them for hours.

first star:

and a nearly full moon, just to cap things off:

we live in such a beautiful place, and for all of the struggle it's taken us(and continues to take) for us to get here, we have days like the past few to remind us why we're here, why we've chosen to raise our girls here, and how happy the little things can make us. #berkshiresishome

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