Wednesday, March 21, 2012

oscarama part: one!

oh, man. last weekend did we ever have a blast. nephew/cousin oscar met the berkshires for the first time, and brought along aunt marge and uncle ben, his new parents. it started friday with a nice spring sunset

and continued into saturday morning with low clouds over the mountains, one of my favorite sights. but enough about me.

the real sights were to be seen inside, where the cousins and nieces and nephews and old parents and not so old parents and new parents were all under one roof! lookit these two guys!

we were all a little worried at how detached uncle ben seemed as a dad. sure, as an uncle he had been playful and loving, but he was just so cold as a father. just look at those pictures up there- it's terrible.

i'd say deeze was dressed in celtics gear to celebrate st. patrick's day, but this is just how she rolls on the weekends...

with her hood up. are you kidding me? i freakin' love that kid.

best buds:

"is that velvet?"

"damn. so smooth!"

bebe watched some nursing go down

while oscar continued to shun the spotlight:

dude got passed around like the collection plate in church. sadly, i was sick so i kept my distance. i also kept a detailed log of how long everybody else got to hold him and i plan to take equal time when they visit again in a few weeks.

teek and his grandson.

oh, have you guys met lady? LADY.

part two, coming right up!

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