Thursday, December 24, 2015

Year in review - March!

March was a pretty momentous month- there was a special night at Bebe's school where we got to walk around, check stuff out, and hear her and her classmates sing (you can play "spot Bebe" in the pics - she wore an orange flower headband so we could see her). Elo met up with her Pre-K boyfriend Ethan, we did some arts and crafts, and Bebe got wiggly with a Hula-hoop. 

Gymnastics class continued for Beebs, Annabel celebrated her half-birthday in cake-filled fashion, and Elo got the still life treatment while she napped on the couch. Daddy tried a bang-trim to hilarious result, and in huge news, Beatrix Marie won an essay contest and was one of three winners chosen to present her essay to the audience at the award ceremony! We were so proud of her essay honoring her choice of a "Real Woman" she admired, her teacher Mrs. DiCicco! She was amazing! And best of all, Auntie Jamie got to be there! In closing out the month, Annabel got steadier on her feet, and the very beginnings of what we would come to know as her crazy curls began to show.

See you soon for April!

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