Sunday, July 13, 2008

the hair fairy(and still no baby...)

we started calling the cat a hair fairy, because once the weather got warm, he started shedding, leaving magical piles of hair on everything. oops, looks like the hair fairy has been in your favorite chair! oh ho, the hair fairy paid a visit to your pillow! i eventually assumed the moniker, and here's why:

i've been growing my beard since we first told our families about being pregnant. somehow it was decided that it would be 'fun.' it was actually because i hate to shave, and when the little one finally gets here i'll be shaving probably everyday to keep myself smooth and less irritating(as far as my skin goes). so i wouldn't shave till he/she got here, and wouldn't that be great? at first i was allowed to trim it so that i wouldn't look like a mountain man- no offense, sasquatch. but as of july i'm not allowed to trim it, and since i would look even sillier with a shaved head and a big ol' beard, i'm letting it all hang out. here are a few pictures tracking the growth from jan to present day. i have to say, i'm quite disgusted(and at this point, disgusting also).

week 1, jan



april, after a trim or two...

early may?

mid-late june

late last week

um, yeah.

whoa boy.

um... baby? hello? help me.

and here are some pictures of my beard and me on vacation:

on the moon...

at six flags...

at sea world...

and in the upper atmosphere.


  1. Holy Shit. Can I take your beard on my vacation? It looks like a wicked good time.

  2. Aargh! It's the return of the Winkler!