Friday, August 1, 2008


if you read both my blog and liza's, you may notice a similar theme with each of our entries for friday. in case you're slow, or don't read both, it's how we both wanted our baby to be a girl. what's funny is that we wrote them completely independently of one another. crazy right? well, worth a mention anyway. i guess we're both just really loving this little grunty, pimple-faced lady.

and i also wanted to mention, in regard to my last entry wherein beatrix meets her uncle seth-

watching seth hold her reminded me that the last time i had spent any time holding a baby that small was when he was born.

and lastly, since lots of people had remarked at how alike seth and i look and were then surprised to learn that he's fourteen years younger than me and his poppa is my step-father glen, here is a picture of all of us, with the common denominator in the middle:

jamie, seth, mams, me, and ashley

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