Sunday, August 3, 2008

the weekend

hard to believe, but beatrix is three weeks old today! she's been putting on weight, holding her head up to look all around, and even pushing herself with her feet when she's on her back. people find it hard to believe that she's as young as she is since her size and demeanor suggest an older baby. but mommy and daddy knew she would be advanced! as you can see in the photo below, she's already started drinking beer- what better way to start the weekend than with some chill time on the exercise ball with her mommy and a cold sam adams boston lager(her fave, just like daddy!)? don't worry, she doesn't overdue it. she stops drinking when she can't walk on her own anymore...

since my last post was words, words, words, i thought i would balance it out by making this post mostly pics. a ton of pics, in fact. but before we get to those, i need to point out, as i was reminded(and as if i had forgotten), that my pops predicted a little girl all along. and mams also, it turns out, was predicting a girl(not everyone predicted a boy, just the majority...). anyway, let's roll with the weekend in pictures-

saturday morning with mommy

a new addition to the nursery(thanks mems!)

saturday afternoon, bebe tried out her first grannie-style cardigan(she liked it) and her first extended nap in her swing(she loved it). mommy and daddy made the mistake of leaving her in the swing for hours and hours. who needs to sleep saturday night when you can get it all done saturday afternoon? the answer is: bebe.

X marks the spot

daddy and beebs got some floor time in on sunday morning, but then it was time to get ready for our guests. it was going to be a full day!

first up was mams, auntie jamie, and grampa glen, and great grandma hamilton. this was the first meet for bebe and her grandpa glen. they seem to like each other ok...

beatrix coaxes a smile out of grampy...

mams never tires of holding her granddaughter.

auntie jamie gets some snuggle time in

but it's not long before bebe is back with mams.

beatrix meets her great grandmother- the second she's met in two weeks!

uncle steve and aunt jodie brought some celtics gear and a ton of food for mommy and daddy!

bebe is very relaxed and enjoys being social(unlike daddy...).
maybe it's because she knows how much everyone loves her already?

piano player? professional file clerk? pick-pocket? who knows where those fingers will end up...

mems gets some quiet time after the crowd clears. beebs is clearly worn out from all of that entertaining...

mams knitted this because she had a premonition that we were having a girl

and bebe got this cool puzzle stool from her friends the kirshenbaums!

another busy weekend! we're going to need a vacation soon...

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