Sunday, August 24, 2008

another weekend, another update

this weekend was a little slow and low compared to the last couple. beatrix didn't have any visitors this time around so we were all free to kick back and relax.

we were up early saturday morning- bebe's internal schedule usually has her up around five or so. during the week i have the best wife in the world. she not only drags herself out of bed for the night time feedings/changings, but also is the one to get up with beebs in the early morning. this allows me to get some sleep so i'm not dragging at work all day. i'm not sleeping through the night, by any means. i'm awake each time bebe is, so my sleep is broken at best. but thanks to super mommy, i am afforded the luxury of rolling over and going back to sleep. i sure love that lady.

so on the weekends, even though i'd like to stay up late and sleep in, i'll get up with beebs in the morning and hang out, at least until it's time for her breakfast. but when your'e almost six-weeks old and you're up at five am, you're probably going to want a nap at some point. bebe took hers mid-morning on saturday. as you can see, she takes up the whole bed, and don't even get me started on her habit of hogging all the covers:

after nap time, it's bath time! taking baths was one area where i thought we'd run into some trouble. romantically i'd think 'i love the water, my daughter will love it too!' but rationally i'd think 'she's this teeny tiny little wrinkled pink sausage-type creature who is going to really hate the cold air on her naked skin, having water poured over her head, and most of all being scrubbed in every fat fold of her body.'

seriously, daddy? always with the camera. i'm trying to take a bath...

well, she loves her baths. not in an active, splashy, playtime-but-wet way, but in a relaxing, mellow kind of way. she freaks a little when she first hits the tub, but once the water's on her, she's good. she just looks around at stuff while mommy and daddy pass her slippery little self back and forth until it's time to get wrapped in a towel and carted off to get dressed. getting dressed time does not go as well as bath time. oh well.

once she was dressed, it was time for a walk. we decided to walk up to the pond, and on the way we passed a little farmer's market where we stopped to buy some vegetables for dinner later that night.

they wanted to trade us their prize winning pumpkin for our bebe, but we declined. she's worth two prize winning pumpkins, at least.

the word is out, represent

it was a beautiful day at the pond; we even saw a dead duck floating in the water. nature is cool.

always good to get a heads up before you sit down.

and let's just look at this kid's feet one more time.

cruising past some wild flowers on our walk

sunday started great. bebe marie slept for almost the entire night, then woke up and snuggled with mommy and daddy in bed, essentially letting them each sleep from about ten o'clock saturday night until eight sunday morning. wow. this of course meant she would not sleep much during the day, but what can you do? take the gifts when you get them, and pay for them later. it's like credit cards. little, baby credit cards. with an unknown interest rate. that may be really high. scary.

after some laundry and feedings, bebe went to visit gram and grampy, and to meet auntie ashley and uncle trev for the first time!

at first she wanted out of there!

but auntie ash persisted. with an iron grip.

they got to know each other pretty quickly...

and it was l-u-v after that.

she hung out with auntie jamie, who took to calling her 'bebe mariatrix'

and she met her Great Aunt Diane(one of two that she has. there are also two Great Uncle Chucks. greatness runs in our families. nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...)

but it wasn't long before she was back in the clutches of grandma, mwahhahahahahaha!

and even great grandma! it was a full house for the road show we like to call 'fatty boobalatty's spit-up extravaganza!' events sell out, please purchase tickets in advance.

being someone who habitually checks certain websites for updates on a daily basis, only to be mildly disappointed when nothing has changed and no new stuff is there to entertain me makes me feel the need to update this blog a little more frequently. occasionally i check this blog myself- and i, too, am disappointed that it is not updated in any way. so i'll be making an effort to reward those of you(mainly my mother in law) who check here with any regularity. when i first started posting, i wanted to post when i had something to say or had an observation of some kind, and to obviously also post pictures. well, life is what happens while you're making other plans, and so the posts consist of what we did in my free time, i.e. the weekends. the rest of the time i'm either working, going to or coming from work, or playing/soothing/smooching the crap out of the adorable little girl that makes this whole blog possible. and relevant. who the hell has time for observatory remarks? i'm a parent, not an astronomer. so while it was never my intention to make this a daily thing(that's what mommy's blog is for), i am going to try to get more words and pictures up, more oftener. it is an election year, after all, and i need your support. and for those of you who have peeped in on my sort-of photo blog at 'whatever we lose,' once the road trip black and whites finish up in september i'll be updating that every day with more ocular mediocrity, so be sure to check it out...

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