Wednesday, November 12, 2008

tummy time!

beatrix used to really hate tummy time. as many of you know, she likes to be able to look around at everything, and i don't think it occurred to her that if she just lifted her head up, she'd still be able to see everything. well, she gets it now. but for a while she was really not interested. so disinterested, in fact, that when we rolled her onto her belly, she would sigh loudly and just lay her little head down on the floor without even trying. but then all of a sudden, she started getting into it. we're still not sure why...

ugh. more tummy time. what a drag. if i could just get that whole 'rolling over' thing down, then at least when i spit up i'd have something to chew on and re-swallow. if i spit up now it'll just go all over the gymini.

wait a second... i think i see some dried spit-up right over here!

oh yeah. this is definitely mine. i think. what am i saying- who cares! jackpot!

oh man, this is at least a few days old! i can barely scratch any of it off. if only i had an endless amount of goopy liquid i could dump onto this spot to soften it up a little... slurp.

drool don't fail me now!

it's working! it's working! mmmmm, that's the good stuff.

tummy time is yummy time!

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