Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the tv debate continues...

"hey daddy, got a sec?"
sure beebs. what's up?
" i've been doing some thinking about this whole 'watching tv' thing. whadda' ya say we just don't tell mommy about it? if you can keep a secret, we're set- i can't talk!"

"we could just keep it between the two of us. she never even has to know. Lost is starting back up soon. i can't wait to see what happens on the island this season..."

well, aside from the fact that it would be wrong, she also reads this blog so you've given your plan away. plus, now she knows you're trying to get me to conspire against her.
"oh, poop."

"c'mon, daddy! do you really think it's fair that i not be able to watch tv? you know once baseball season starts up she's going to have it on anyway. just work with me, here!"

"as babies we need to stand up and fight! we can't let grown-ups walk all over us!"

two things: i'm not a baby, and you can't stand.
"now is not the time to nit-pick."
(in a husky sort of voice) "i'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse..."
"someday, and that day may never come, you may call on me to do you a favor, in exchange for what i ask of you now."
bebe, is that from "the godfather?"
"yeah! there was a marathon on the other night! 'i know it was you, fredo.' ha! i love those movies!"

but we didn't watch television the other night. beatrix marie, are you watching tv by yourself?!?
"well, um, i, um..."

"oh, i was watching cops the other night, and some people in florida called about strange noises in their backyard, right? so the cops roll up and search the yard with their big spotlight... and there's the biggest rat you've ever seen! right there, just looking right at 'em!"

"i mean, this sucker had to be about two feet long, not counting the tail, of course. it was awesome."

bebe, did you know that we have a rat problem in boston?
"uh, no. i wasn't aware of that."

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