Thursday, July 23, 2009

our last beach vacation day

okey dokey- these are from our last family vacation day at the beach. we lucked out and got a perfect beach day. for the sake of timeliness, i'm going to throw this post up with lots of pics and not so lots of words, all for the same low price of free. i know, i'm awesome. and i'm going to cut to the chase by posting my two favorite pics from the day right here at the top, out of order, which i never ever do. even on all of those posts where bebe and i have chats or she goes on an adventure or chad randy stops by with some tasty work-out tips- the pics go up as they happened. i think by disclosing that fact it knocks me down a peg or two as far as the work i have to put into a post on a regular basis goes, but on the other hand it demonstrates how much of the blog really is reeby's personality and me just going along for the ride. and there i've taken myself a little lower. full disclosure: i'm not writing any of this. bebe is a baby genius and she runs the blog. there. i feel better. favorite two pics:

and on to the beach!

give her an orange sun hat and a shovel, and she's good to go.

that's a whole lotta beach to explore bebe.

or we could just dig right here.

eventually that big-ass thing called the ocean caught her attention, and she and mommy were off.

"harry macgillis that's cold! pick me up! pick me up!"

ah, that's better.

"woo-hooo! that's not so bad, put me down!"

"pick me up! pick me up!"


she kept a close eye on those waves. rule number one is: never turn your back on the ocean!

she loves the sun...

but comes in for a huggle every once in a while.

lunch time! spicy sesame noodles, coming up!

you might have to look a little closer at this one to fully appreciate the noodle-stache.

alright, back to the digging.

after a drink, of course. it's important to stay hydrated at the beach.

towards the end of the day, the hat was riding a little low...





and finally, after almost a full day of playing hard, she started to get tired. and loopy.


um, bebe?

that's one worn out bugbite.

time to go! oh, mommy, i see you found your crocks! how... fortunate. they were where? shoved, er, i mean, wedged way under a big rock and covered in seaweed? that's so weird. but thank goodness you found them.

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