Thursday, July 16, 2009

return to the esplanade

what to do with a little one year-old lady on her first official day of being one? we decided to go downtown to the esplanade. like the beach, bebe had been once before when she was teeny-tiny, and once or twice in between, but this time we thought we'd let her run around and get crazy.

all strapped in and ready to go!

mommy always does the driving (control issues).

taking the train downtown. bebe's an ace at taking the subway.

sometimes during the non-rush hour times, we have to wait a while...

still waiting...

hold on...

i think i hear something!

whooosh! beatrix loves it when the trains rush into the station. it even blows her little fuzzle around.

not as impressed with the elevators.

walking around in the city is fun. it's one of daddy's favorite things to do.

especially on a day like today- sun and sky and green trees...

we go up the walkway...

over and across storrow drive...

(mommy and bebe waiting for daddy while he takes his pictures...)

over the top we go

and finally down the other side, to the banks of the charles river. it doesn't even really smell anymore!

before we get to our picnic, we need to hit the snack bar.

there are plenty of people out enjoying the park today.

but who's that, way over there in that patch of sun?

hey, it's bebe! she just got up from our blanket and marched till she plopped down on her butt.

she loved the wide-open space. she ran this way...

and that way...

and then came in for a pit-stop: a little sun butter sandwich.


rested and refueled, it was off to the races!

putting the brakes on, a newly developed skill.

and this is one she practices constantly. "gittin'" her mommy. mommy gets got by a baby at least twice a day. but now that she has the chompers it's a little scary.

and then back out again.

she orbited our spot, running out into the grass, coming back for a chat or some huggles, then running off again.

we tried to take some family pics, but she wouldn't sit still long enough.



she sure got thirsty running around all that time. just like when she was a baby, our toddler stopped to nurse with her mom on the banks of the river.

people sailed by in boats, trains went over bridges, runners ran past, shiftless layabouts tanned in the sun, all oblivious to the fact that our little girl was officially one!

one hand to hold on

one hand to block out the noise.

then it was time to suit up and head home.

beebs was ready to walk the whole way, even skipping the subway part, but that would have taken us till she was two.

she fought a little at first, complaining that she just didn't get enough running in...

but eventually gave up and got comfortable.

back over the footbridge by exeter street.

then back across the walkway at dartmouth. far in the distance lies the citgo sign in kenmore square...

these are not the kinds of tire tracks you'd expect to find on a busy roadway. kind of pretty, though.

bebe road? babbey road? we tried...

on the way back we saw the hancock tower munching on some clouds.

bebe rocked the sombrero look.

and she got waved to by her first fire-fighter. this will begin a life-long fetish many women enjoy to this day.

and once we were back on our street, she insisted on walking the rest of the way on her own. take it away, beatrix!


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