Monday, July 20, 2009

she's only turning one, but she's getting two parties

bebe doesn't know much about politics, but she definitely favors a two-party system. then again, if there had been a third with as much loot as the first two, perhaps she'd prefer a three party system. hmmm... maybe she knows more than she lets on.

her great aunt rosie came through with another beautiful quilt!

and even made a smaller one for bebe to use with her "babies." thanks aunt rosie, these are amazing, just like the others. my favorite is still the beach scene (her first one).

that tall guy up there is great uncle chuck (one of two bebe has).
bebe and mommy tore through that pile of presents in no time!

she got so much great stuff! new toys, new clothes, and her favorite- new books! thanks family!

after presents, it was time to put the birthday hat on. and that could mean only one thing:

beatrix quickly blew out the candle (with some help), and then squirmed impatiently as they took the cake into the kitchen to cut it up.

over here... cake...

give me... cake...

waiting... cake...

ahhh. as mommy would say, "sweet nectar of the gods."

"get into my mouth, mr cake."

she prefers the 'double-f' method: fist and fork.

that's auntie ashley on the left, with her brand new fancy camera. she took a lot of great pics, and i know that mommy posted a link to her blog, but i'm going to repost it here:
you should definitely check it out for bebe and other photo goodness!

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