Tuesday, September 22, 2009

auntie ash's visit

this is from a couple of weekends back. apologies to auntie ash for not posting this sooner.
uncle trev drove auntie ash and grammie over to bebe's house for a visit one weekend not too long ago. bebe was awfully surprised to have some of the family visit her- they should do it more often!
as is the custom, visitors bring gifts. in this case it was a present for daddy as well: a star wars shirt! the force is strong with this one.

at the time, bebe is of course more interested in the paper than anything else.

there was a spirited game of peek-a-boo

...some snuggles and tickles

...and a staring contest.

who's that silver-haired lady behind bebe? must be grammie!

thanks for coming, family!

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