Thursday, September 17, 2009

sunday walk I


"did somebody say 'walk?' "
oh, a walk? uh, sure, i guess we could take a walk.

"cool. i'll just wait. right here. doo dee doo..."

"soooo... still waiting."
i haven't even had time to stand up yet!

"listen up, fella! when somebody says 'walk,' they better be able to walk. right then and there! we're not gettin' any younger!"

"you hear me?"
but i never even said... never mind. you wanna' walk? let's walk.

when we went under the tunnel, we practiced our car noises nice and loud as they echoed off the walls all around us. bebe thought that was the bee's knees. i said, careful. you're probably allergic to bees.

"hey! lookit this poop this tree just dropped! smells nutty."

that's an acorn, beatrix. the trees drop them from their branches. they're seeds, but the squirrels usually eat them all.

"i'm still feeling like it's tree poop. and the fact that squirrels eat it makes me think differently about squirrels right now."

i'm no fan of squirrels, myself.

"what do you have to do to get one of these things?"
well, usually you have to be rich, or important, or both.
"no problem!"
and dead.

"alrighty. i'm just gonna' play on this guys for a while, then."

"HOLY JEEBUS! is that your hand all the way out there?"

i'm trying to take a picture of the two of us. can you smile?

"ehh, i dunno. it's kind of freaking me out that you can do that with your arm..."

will you please just smile?
"seriously, dude. bring it back. i don't like it. bring it back. now."

"i been thinking..."

"what if our whole planet is like this rock here, and we totally don't even know it but some little kid who's really a giant in some giant world has picked us up and is holding us and turning us over and over and could just kick us down the big giant road or throw us off some cliff or into some water or something, and we'd never even know and there's nothing we could do about it and stuff?"

hmm. this sounds like the conversation we'd have down at the bottom of the post after we've smoked all that pot*...

"what in the heck is pot?"

ask your mother...

hey, look! stairs!

"are you coming, or what?!?"

helllooooo, down there!

over by the pond we found these cool seats, carved out of big tree trunks and plated with copper that had poems inscribed on them.

"these are some pretty sweet seats!"

"whoa! little slippery though..."

"let's go kick some geese or something! those guys look mean..."

bebe, you should treat animals with repect.
"how come?"

because most of them are bigger than you.

"i guess you're right. if we were in a sitcom, the moral of this episode might be 'don't start fights with people and animals who are either bigger than you, meaner than you, or stronger than you. only start fights with the weak!"

they grow up so fast...

and then we smoked some weed*:

"whoa daddddddyyy... this is sweet... my little brain is flying all over the place..."


*i've never smoked pot in my life and certainly wouldn't smoke it with my daughter. at least not until she's college age, and home on break with some of the really good shit.

coming relatively soon... part 2!

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