Monday, September 21, 2009

family birthdays

both mommy and auntie ash were quicker to get their birthday posts up, but for once i've got a little back log so i'm just getting mine up now. it turns out i'm taking fewer pictures with the family these days, mostly because i like being part of the action, instead of standing around observing it. a quality of life points rise for me is a quality of blog posts points loss for all of you. whoops. anyway, in case any of you have forgotten, september is fertility month in my family. i guess the actual pregnancies occur in february-march, but the babies are all born in september. uncle seth, auntie ash, auntie jamie, and grammie are all september birthdays. and then uncle trev's is right around the corner in october, along with aunt marge's and uncle ben's. and then mommy's is in november, along with grandpa steve's! the end of the year is a rush of birthdays all ending over the winter with the most celebrated birthday of all: mine.

beatrix has this habit of bringing you a book and demanding that you drop whatever you're doing at the time to read to her. then, after about a two pages, she either walks off or closes the book on you mid-sentence and takes it away. it's nice to see her pull this with someone else for a change:
"cat! cat!"

"ball! ball ball ball!"


then she's off to give someone else a chance to get shut down. it's not so bad because it means you stop what you're doing for twenty seconds at best, and then she's back in her own little world. the downside of this behavior is that i still don't know if the old dog and the goat ever become friends!?! well?!? do they?!?

she's so used to getting presents of her own that when she happens across one she just assumes it's for her and starts opening it.

i don't know about this one. maybe auntie is going to swallow bebe whole? dunno.

"a toaster oven? what the blue blazes am i supposed to do with a toaster oven? i guess i could melt some of my toys in there..."

beatrix marie!

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