Monday, April 26, 2010

so far away!

sunday morning we took a car ride to the airport so mommy and bebe could get on their plane for the west coast. they're spending an entire week at nora jane's house and they were pretty excited/anxious to get get going.

bebe's been going through some growing pains lately, like she's thirteen. she's moody, sulky, and belligerent. commonly heard around our house for the past three weeks: "no daddy! no daddy tiss (kiss)! no daddy hug! no daddy couch! no daddy bebe's room! no mommy no mommy no mommy no mommy no mommy! no bebe!" i don't even know what she means with that last one.

along with her diva behavior, she's been waking up at five am again, almost exactly, every morning. add all this together with a long plane ride and two time zone adjustments and it's a recipe for something that you wouldn't want to eat. poop stew, we'll call it.

mommy was nervous about being on a plane for so long with a toddler who screams and cries if you so much as shift her in your lap, but in the end bebe was awesome kid #1 and it sounds like everything went off without a hitch.

curbside check in.

there they go! i already miss them and they haven't left my sight!

one last look back for daddy- "daddy no tum? daddy stay home?"

let's get a closer look at that pretty lady!

oh jeeze! look at that little face! what a big kid! i love you guys! i can't wait till you're home!

in the meantime, i've got a back log of pics to get up, so just because the beebs is away doesn't mean the fun stops here. stay tuned...

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