Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter saturday walk with teed

we didn't have a great start to our day out, and it only got worse before it got better.

luckily, once we got to where we were going and could walk, walk, walk, everything was okay.

duck spotting.

we got some brand new "walking shoes" courtesy of teed.

bebe was pretty excited once we were out of the shoe store. while we were in the shoe store, not so much. turns out she's not much of a shopper.

she is one heck of a walker, though!

looking for turtles.

there's one!

we don't stop for long. back to the walk!

okay, we do stop for "o's." and to soak up some of this strange light. i think it's called "the sun."

bebe solidifies her place in the will. for the time being.

one quick duck under the wire, then back to the car and mem's and teed's house!

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